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Adam Kokesh: Progression to a Freer Society Is Inevitable


Adam Kokesh has made a name for himself in libertarian circles by producing alternative, libertarian-oriented radio programs and YouTube videos. In November 2006, Adam Kokesh was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps after his second activation as a reservist. He moved to Washington, DC to get a Master's degree in political management at George Washington University. After failing to secure "gainful employment," Kokesh, "stumbled into full-time activism" with Iraq Veterans Against the War. In May and June, Kokesh and other activists ran high-profile flash mob-silent dances at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC in protest of a recent ruling against dancing at federal monuments. In 2010, Kokesh ran as a libertarian-Republican in New Mexico but lost in the primary. Since then, he's built a talk radio program called "Adam vs. The Man" (AVTM) airing out of New Mexico, and his video reports can be seen on YouTube. He has been critical of aspects of the "Occupy DC" version of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He is soon to release a book, Hot, Dirty and Dangerous.

Daily Bell: Tell us about your activities.

Adam Kokesh: Well, right now, my main focus is my now-independent show and the new business model I've created to support it. I get invited to speak at a lot of different events, and occasionally organize actions of my own, but I really want to get away from organizing to focus on media production. I'm still trying to finish the edits on my first book and have at least a few ideas for documentaries rattling around my skull.


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