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The New Breed of Hero

• Brennan

The United States has done a remarkable job over the years convincing you that the folks in law enforcement are here for no other reason then to "protect and serve." The words sound honorable and are meant to instill trust and confidence. You see this worn out, duplicitous motto emblazoned across every squad car in every small town across America. But it has become just another slogan that means nothing at all any longer.

In an earlier essay I wrote about buzzwords; words politicians like to spew out when speaking to the people. We’ve heard liberty, freedom and democracy so often , they have become nothing but empty, meaningless, over-used words, just like the slogan, "protect and serve." Perhaps they never did mean anything, but we – the American people – were brainwashed into believing that somehow they meant something important. We’ve been duped into thinking that the people of law enforcement are here to actually protect us and to serve us as humble, appreciative public servants. But as I have come to realize, this is really not the case at all. In fact, their ultimate end purpose may prove to be far more sinister as time goes on. Maybe law enforcement’s new motto should be "subdue and enslave", because this is what their mission now seems to be.
Growing up, I was taught to respect the men in law enforcement. I was told that you could trust men in uniform and they were people of integrity. I say only men, because when I was a kid you didn’t see any women-men like you do today. What’s a woman-man you ask? I think you know what I mean. Rough gals. You see them everywhere in law enforcement; females out to prove something to somebody. Maybe they feel cheated because they were born without a ……..Well, you know what I’m saying. They are the unattractive, masculine creatures you see acting like tough guys . Just like the type of men now attracted to law enforcement; genetically short-changed . The type we made fun of as kids. They were the misfits, the bullies and the weirdoes and they now are the ones wearing the uniforms. Maybe its always been this way, but I seem to notice it more today than ever before. This is the type of personality I see on all levels of law enforcement ; angry people who have some insatiable need to control others . This is the new small-minded, tough guy breed now attracted to police work. They saw how those in uniform were revered after 9/11 and they ,too, wanted in on this new hero business. 

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Comment by David Jackson
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     I might not be alone, afterall. I've been trying to get people to see law enforcement for what it has become for over twenty years: mostly, I've been called names and told I was overreacting - that's the stuff that I can repeat in polite company.

      I'd retiterate my original thesis:  Most of what has happened in law enforcement that has reduced it to a more modern "New Gestapo" has to do with the "careerists" - those who have gone on the cops because there were no other jobs, the pay was good, and the benefits were great - with no interest in "professionalism" or in the "real job". Those few who actually want to be cops are so few as to be the weakest of minorities. They actually get lost in their own system. There is a good deal of blame to be placed on the various governmental entities who allow and encourage the general lack of training, substandard hiring practices, and almost total absence of accountability. The bottomline is that, for the most part, law enforcement is peopled by mental midgets, poorly trained second-rate pretenders, social misfits, and incompetent supervisors, who pander to politicos, tho themselves have no respect for "protection and service" nor for the rule of law or rights of  U.S. citizens.

     Truth be told, the god cops don't stand a chance. The sadder truth is that all of us are in deep, deep trouble!

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