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Adherence to the Oath

Bill Manning, a military veteran who served as a combat pilot in Vietnam, speaks about who he supports for President of the United States, and why, in this touching mini-featurette.

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Well Joseph V., it appears that you are more than willing to give up without a fight . . . how brave of you!

If you fight, you may not win, but if you don't put up a fight, you CAN'T win.

Thankfully, the people here aren't willing to cave in so easily.

Comment by SamFox
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Joseph V, it's our time. If it's wasted in support of Ron Paul, the so be it. If it's wasted on the only true Constitutional conservative Patriot running, Ron Paul, LET 'ER B! 

If supporting Ron because he is the only honest candidate with a sensible foreign policy, wants to return to sound Constitutional $ in the face of the war hawks who keep 'forgetting' how broke we are & how the blowback of 9-11 is directly related to US interventionist foreign policy...well, I'll continue 'wasting my time' fighting for the Constitution to be returned as the law of the land... like the founders 'wasted' their lives, fortunes & sacred honor to establish a free nation, so to will I  'waste' my time. 

Just because the RNC is now as corrupt as the DNC does not mean either of them can't be beaten. Get a grip & join the new civil rights movement. You know,  the civil rights Paul wants to restore to We The People that are being eviscerated by big govt's wars, the 'Patriot' Act & now legislation that Manchurian McCain & some other police state treasonous fool put in the military appropriations bill.

If fighting socialism's central planning big govt is a waste of time...NAH!!!! It's time well invested!!!!!


Comment by Alexander Victorio
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 Damn Joe! Don't get all butt hurt cause someone is trying to spread a message. It's not about the man, it's about the message! The more people hear about Ron Paul the more they will come in contact with the ideas of liberty and freedom and how the government is not the answer. Its not a waste of time to stand for something and spread hope in such a bleak time in mankinds history. We all don't wanna be like you and just bend over and take, we want to try peacfully to  resolve things before we have to resolve it by other means.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Why this waste of time? No matter how much you spend for campaign ads like this, nothing is going to change. You can pay all the angels in heaven to come down and campaign for Ron Paul, and still nothing will change. Get it straight into your head: GOP will NEVER make him a candidate for president! Such a waste of time and resources is so foolish! Make use of your time and spend your money doing something else.