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U.S. Prepares for a Curtailed Relationship With Pakistan

• New York Times
With the United States facing the reality that its broad security partnership with Pakistan is over, American officials are seeking to salvage a more limited counterterrorism alliance that they acknowledge will complicate their ability to launch attacks against extremists and move supplies into Afghanistan

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Comment by Cat Lover
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1st of all, you've been hoodwinked, and duped on how this World and USA is run, its run by the high Bankers (Rothchilds, Bilderbergs, Rockefellers, Harrimans, and Koch family), they're on the top of the pyramid.  Below that is the Mafia (Italian Mafia, Russian (Jewish) Mafia, and American Mafia all morphed together as 1 mafia, that does the enforcement of this World and USA), they ("The morphed Mafia") is 2nd below on the capstone of the pyramid. Obama (just a Puppet), Senate and Congress just facade's to how this World and USA is truly run. You've been lied to and duped and hoodwinked on the control of this World and USA.

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