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Raw footage shows Ron Paul DIDN'T storm out of CNN interview over racist newsletters....

• Daily Mail

Reports that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul stormed out of a CNN interview earlier this week seem to be dramatically over-exaggerated.

Raw footage of the Thursday interview shows that it lasted nearly ten minutes, which is not unusually brief on the campaign trail.
[see also Prof. Levinson's article submitted last night located further down the front page.]

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Merry X’mas too, Edwin! I hope you don’t help Powell Gammil grow some stones for his Islamic connections that you exposed!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Merry Christmas, Edwin.  Grow some stones!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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He didn't storm out -- he just couldn't stand the heat and left!

But it doen't matter. What’s the point? GOP will never make him a candidate for president anyway, anytime in any presidential election year, no matter what. Americans believe he is just a grumpy politician with a fatal attraction to the limelight that he would say anything anybody wants him to say to print a story.

He can even say that by studying Medicine one can become an economic expert, much better than Dr. Bernanke who is holding a Ph.D. in Economics that Americans should listen to!

What he is saying doesn’t mean a thing to him, even when he says Muslim terrorists were right in staging that 911 carnage or Osama bin Laden is right when this Public Enemy No. 1 said America is so evil it should be bombed for interfering on Islam’s affairs in the Middle East! Saying that in front of the camera is of course horrible, but it is a heck of a banner story he could hardly resist.

The point is, even if he changes his story anytime he wants to get to the front page, it’s okay, he is going to do it. If the story is unfavorable, like this one when he is pictured as a split-tongued politician, he can always say that’s not what he said, depending on what his mood is for the day.

Who are really listening to him, let us be honest to ourselves. Nobody listens but the very angry in this website, the ones who are using him to promote their anti-government agenda! Include those in the bayou who would spread Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria epidemic for the freedom to drink raw milk or those who would shoot all cops dead in the name of liberty and freedom, just like what this notorious loony said, this familiar guy in the Web and in this website who hated the IRS after he was arrested for tax evasion.

Nothing personal here … just a wake-up call to reality.

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