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Ron Paul: Propagandist or Prophet?

• R. Hammond

Ron Paul is “the best-known American propagandist for our enemies”, writes Dorothy Rabinowitz in a recent Wall Street Journal hit piece. To support the charge, she writes that Dr. Paul “assures audiences” that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 “took place only because of U.S. aggression and military actions”. It’s “True,” she writes, that “we’ve heard the assertions before”, but only “rarely have we heard in any American political figure such exclusive concern for, and appreciation of, the motives of those who attacked us” – and, she adds, he doesn’t care about the victims of the attacks.

The vindictive rhetoric aside, what is it, exactly, that Ron Paul is guilty of here? It is completely uncontroversial that the 9/11 attacks were a consequence of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. The 9/11 Commission Report, for instance, points out that Osama bin Laden “stresses grievances against the United States widely shared in the Muslim world. He inveighed against the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam’s holiest sites. He spoke of the suffering of the Iraqi people as a result of sanctions imposed after the Gulf War, and he protested U.S. support of Israel.”

Notice that Rabinowitz doesn’t actually deny that the 9/11 attacks were motivated by such U.S. policies as these. Rather, Ron Paul’s sin is that he actually acknowledges this truth. The fact that other political figures choose to ignore or deny this fact hardly reflects poorly on Dr. Paul. Refusing to bury one’s head deeply up one’s arse, as Rabinowitz is so obviously willing to do, is hardly a character trait to be faulted.


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Comment by SamFox
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Ron Paul has the same foreign policy as our Founders. 

Don't believe the propaganda. Non-intervention does NOT default to isolationist--

Here is the blowback every one decries & lies about-

  NY Times:    Blowback:

 Why Ron's FP is right-

Ron Paul has most of the troops behind him--

Urgent message from our troops! [Plus more videos on the side]   Soldier, a vet, talks about military waking up.

Looks like a coupla Homer Simpsons don't like Ron. Tell 'em to go back to Media Matters & cry.



Comment by Bernard Earlington
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If the rumor around the corner is true that the international Islamic terrorist hierarchies in Palestine, Syria and Iran [including Hezbollah] are supporting Ron Paul, then it is equally true that the only candidate who can beat Obama -- also being supported by powerful Islamic organizations for this coming 2012 presidential election -- is the now known "terrorist protector" candidate Ron Paul.

People can sit back on their seats and watch this interesting "battle of the freaks" who both wanted to become the next president! [quote from a comment]

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Sorry … none of the above. Not even the remotest of possibility of any of the above.

The author Jeremy R. Hammond is a propagandist who treats the terrible truth about Ron Paul as romantic fiction. For example, like Ron Paul, he is defending the right of assassins and Islamic terrorists to blast us all [911] to smithereens! Don’t be shocked. You can read it here with your own eyes! There is no doubt that he is a pro-terrorist propagandist from hell.

As far as America is concerned, Ron Paul is doom himself, a ticking terrorist bomb – he is not just a prophet of doom that if he becomes president [the possibility is when the crow turns white] would blast America to smithereens!