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Ron Paul Super Brochure, Iowa Precinct Mailing - Video!

The Iowa mailing of the Super Brochure wrapped up on December 12. Here is video of the operation as it was taking place! Not only do you see your money hard at work, but the immensity of the project itself, and the sheer numbers of people being reached with Ron Paul's message.

The people getting these brochures are not like you and me, combing the internet and the Daily Paul all day long for the latest, most detailed information on Ron Paul. In other words, they're normal people, lol. To them, the brochure acts as counter balance to the nonstop stream of misinformation coming through the TV. Because is delivered directly to into their homes via the U.S. Mail, it is especially effective with older voters - exactly the demographic Ron Paul needs help reaching.

The Iowa mailing is done, and mailings are now going out to South Carolina, but the deadline is in 5 days! You can contribute to that effort at

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