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How to avoid living in a police state


If I have been too subtle in the past, let me be absolutely clear this afternoon: the time to do something, the time to take action to safeguard your future and your families livelihood, is NOW.

I’m more impassioned than usual this morning… and with reason.  Reluctantly, I tuned in to Team Obama’s press briefing last night about the ongoing saga of the Nigerian underwear bomber.  Obama’s is clearly trying to cultivate a fear of al-qaeda while simultaneously building blind trust in his government.

After the President’s remarks, his Homeland Security Secretary and Deputy National Security Advisor took the stage to unveil a series of proposals to ‘improve security.’

I’ll spare you the details as you have probably already heard them, but the bottom line is simply more government– a bureaucrat’s ultimate and only solution. This means more TSA, more air marshals, more undercover agents, more gun-toting soldiers, more pat-downs, more scanners, more searches, more scrutiny, more suspicion, etc.


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Comment by David Jackson
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      A little late, I'd say. Anyone living east of the Mississippi River is in deep trouble:  There is really nowhere to "run". As much as the brutal, illegal, and draconian tactics of the "powers" are a threat to every living being on earth, the major threat(s) will be from the fellow traveller next door. Most people are to dull and self-involved to take heed of any warning that might suggest that they aren't living in the "land of the free and home of the brave" - all evidence to the contrary! What they will believe is that whatever you might have ought to be at least "shared" with them, when they discover they have nothing; they will demand access to whatever preparations you've made; and, if you decline to "share", they will kill you and your children to get at it. Afterall, they are "entitled".

     If I might invoke a little history, again, if you think taxes are unfair, wait until some government scumbag wants your property, food stores, guns and ammo, wife or daughter, gold stash, or your favorite video game. People have always been THE problem, and they will really be a problem when they are scared, being hunted, and starving to death.

     If you think I'm being unrealistic or over-zealous, ask someone who knows a little bit about the real history of the United States:  You can find such people amongst the elderly black population or the elderly American Indian population. I suspect there are still one or two scholars who might be willing to explain the facts of life to you, but I don't have a clue as to where you can find them...There aren't any at "my" university!

    If you live in the United States, you are already living in a police state. The best you can do is get as far away from a populated area as possible, LEAVING ABSOLUTELY NO TRAIL!!!!!! (Whatever you do, don't tell anyone you aren't sleeping with - said tongue-in-cheek, since (s)he might turn on you in second...More history, or aren't willing to kill, what it is you are up to.)

     If you can't hunt,live without a video game, eat roadkill, forage for nuts and berries, cook your dog, fish, do without fast food or candy bars, hike for eight hours, sleep under a pine tree, start a fire without matches, or go without a fire, you aren't likely to survive outside of a "camp", anyway. Good luck! You might just get to live out your fantasies...for a week or two.

     We are all staring "the end of civilization" in the face. Survival will be a matter of adaptation and will. If you don't make waves, you might get by, assuming you idiot kid can get along without texting friends and your wife thinks more of life than she does of socializing. Again, good luck!

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