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Ron Paul Super Brochure Showcased on MSNBC's The Ed Show; Praised by Politico


Roger Simon - Chief Political Columnist of Politico - says of the Super Brochure: "They all have literature, but this is a good piece of literature. Oddly enough Iowans actually read this stuff."

Ed says: "Here it is! This is the ground game that we have been talking about with Ron, and it's true that everybody out there that's running for President in Iowa does have material. But not like this. Not this kind of ground game. I mean, to go out to basketball games and public events and put this kind of material out there for people to read, I think is pretty amazing. It's pretty organized...People read this stuff."

It's working people! Conservatives, independents and even lefties are being moved and inspired by the Super Brochure. This is part of the one-of-a-kind, never-before-seen grassroots organization that impresses even Roger Simon of Politico.


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