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Could Ron Paul Be the Next Ralph Nader?

• Rasmussen Reports
Even as Barack Obama gradually climbs in national polls, more than a handful of the president's once-ardent admirers suddenly seem more attracted to Ron Paul. Long disappointed by Obama's overly solicitous attitude toward banking, defense and national security interests -- at the expense of economic justice and civil liberties -- these disappointed critics find a satisfying echo in Paul's assaults on the banks, the Federal Reserve, the military-industrial complex and, indeed, the entire American super-structure, including the miserably failed war on drugs. As a libertarian, he doesn't actually share the liberal perspective on these issues but sometimes sounds as if he does.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Remember the main component of Obama's 2008 platform? It was that if elected, Obama would get us out of Iraq. Is it happening? Yes! In time for the 2012 election, to show us that he keeps his promises, if only so that he can get re-elected. The question that arises from this article is, if he is re-elected, will he KEEP us out of Iraq, and all of the rest? How many other wars will he get us into? 

Now, think of how many freedoms have been lost to average American citizens since Obama took command. Consider the TSA. Consider SWAT "Judge Dredd style" killing of American citizens. Consider the banking problems and housing losses - tent cities. Consider the bailouts at the expense of the common citizen via taxation.

In the link behind this article, the last line of the discussion says: "The Nader supporters of 2000, a fraction of the liberal electorate, didn't get the policies they so urgently desired, of course. They didn't even get a viable Green Party or a lasting movement for change. Instead, they helped to inflict a political disaster from which America has scarcely begun to emerge. In the new year, we may discover whether they wish to revive that nightmare."

Nader supporters didn't get very far because they didn't really support radical freedom for the American people. Now that we are seeing the continual degrading of individual freedom, degrading that is happening at an ever increasing rate, it is becoming apparent that we need a radical change from the things of the past. We need to get back to a Constitutional America, just to survive.

If Obama wins in the 2012 election, or if anyone like him wins, there may not be any 2016 election. And if there is, and if it happens to be a free election, it will be just barely free.

VOTE RON PAUL 2012, and save our freedom.

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