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Election Fraud: Arizona's Ticking Time Bomb Set to Reverberate throughout the Nation

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Precedent setting court case could improve election transparency in the United States. The Libertarian party's pursuit of a remedy against Pima County's criminality and incompetence can have nationwide implications for disenfranchised voters throughout the country. The Arizona Supreme Court ruled favorably on behalf of the Libertarian party, who argued that the courts must intervene when there is a failure of existing laws as well as a failure to enforce existing laws designed to keep elections transparent and accurate. Today's press conference marks the beginning of the Libertarian party's request through the courts for changes to Pima County's election procedures, which have been found to be woefully inadequate. Like most voting districts throughout the country, Pima County uses electronic voting machines now infamous for their numerous security flaws and errant outcomes.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    Is that the "People's Republic" folks of Pima county or the "Socialist Democrats"?

    Either way, the real issue is that the rest of the nation hasn't caught up to Gulag Arizona"...Yet!

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