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Israel's Assassinations Intended To Provoke US-Iran War

Israel's assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists is intended to provoke a belligerent response that would cause the US to make war on Iran, as pointed out by a segment in  mainstream Chris Matthews' "Hardball" TV program--especially  comments of former CIA officer Robert Baer.   There seems to be little doubt, according to Baer,  that these assassinations have been an Israeli operation, but the weakening effect on Iran's nuclear program is far less significant than the fact that this could easily provoke Iranian retaliation and achieve the desired US/Iranian war. (I would add that if Iran refuses to respond in a belligerent fashion, there is also the possibility of an Israeli false flag attack against US citizens which could be blamed on Iran.)   Matthews should be given credit for allowing mention of  the effort of Israel to manipulate the US into a Middle East war, which is a mainstream taboo. Of course, Israel has been pushing for war with Iran for over a decade; and the Israel lobby in the US has been making the effort to have US Middle East policy coincide with Israeli interests.  

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Comment by Jim Carter
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 Chris Matthews is a communist peice of sh#t...

Comment by TL Winslow
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He makes it sound like a U.S. war with Iran is something bad.  Ever since they took those hostages in 1979 we've had a reason to do it. Too bad, the Soviet Union kept backing them up. Now it's probably down to whether Russia and maybe China will back them, and if so how much. China has already been visiting the Saudis in an evident attempt to cut them loose, so one down, one to go.  Hard leftists and Ron Paulists can stuff it, because the Islamic Republic of Iran has to go, it really has to go, and the question is only when. Hopefully the dopes will do something and attack the U.S. first in the Strait of Hell, er, Hormuz. I hope this time we learned our lesson about not wasting ourselves in nation building - get in, topple, get out, and only come back if they create a decent govt. that begs us to come, on our terms. 



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