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The TSA Left Suspected 'Pipe Bombs' Lying Around for Six Hours

• The Atlantic Wire
"Another screener saw the objects, one gold, the other silver, and both 6-inches long with 'springs' inside, and thought they could be bombs." (The Post has images of the suspicious cylinders). TSA officials let the passenger catch his flight, but appear to have left the pipes on a radiator and then forgot them.  

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Comment by David Jackson
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 You could say that this gang of incompetent thugs is out of control; however, that would be a bit of a stretch, since the have obviously NEVER BEEN in control!

 Ask yourself:  What is it, exactly, that any of us did to deserve to be treated like a bunch of childish fools? Could it be that we elected a bunch of childish fools to make our decisions for us, and to abuse us at every juncture of our daily lives?

 If we really had to rely on the mindless morons and traitors who pretend to "public service" - actually works, if "service" is defined as "screwed", we'd have all been dead or in the gulag years ago.

 If any of the "capitalist" pundits ever tried to run business the way the government and it's "agencies" are run, there would be no businesses. It might seem to some to be an over-worked cliche, but the lunatics are in charge of the asylum!

 We are not going to survive this!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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