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Corporate Media Officially Stops Covering Paul Campaign

• Steve Watson

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul and his supporters have long complained that the establishment media deliberately operates a blackout when it comes to Paul’s campaign, a claim that has been verified time and time again.

Now yet more evidence has emerged that highlights the level to which the media is purposefully sidelining the Libertarian Congressman.

As Dylan Byers of Politico reports, NBC News is the only media organization that still has a reporter covering Ron Paul full-time.

With only four candidates remaining in the race for the GOP nomination, with Super Tuesday looming, and with the Republican national convention just six months away, you would think that mainstream media organizations would have dispatched at least one reporter to cover each of the candidates campaigns.

Not so for Ron Paul, however.

“I’m the only dedicated embed consistently covering Ron Paul,” NBC’s Anthony Terrell has declared.

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Comment by panocha
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By the way "funeral" and "burial" are figures of speech. These refer to the announcement to quit the presidential race permanently. It simply means that politically speaking, Ron Paul had stopped breathing fire, and about to be buried in the dustbin of history. Just a simple clarification, to avoid the FBI Watch List. Also identity-wise, to declare that I am not the angry Powell Gammill hiding under a different name.

Comment by panocha
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At least there is still a reporter left to attend the funeral. I think the burial will be announced shortly.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Is that a surprise? MSM is so slow in learning how to make a better use of their time.

Cost-wise, wasting their time and resources covering a useless candidate in a twilight zone is not healthy economics.