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‘Pink slime’ in school lunches: Government is buying 7 million pounds worth

• Washington Post
When McDonald’s and other fast-food chains announced last month that the infamous “pink slime” was no longer being used in their burgers, some thought the ammonium hydroxide-treated beef cuts had disappeared from our food supply once and for all. 
But a new report in the Daily tablet newspaper suggests the slime will appear in school lunches this spring — 7 million pounds of it.

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How can anyone out there in the public believe anything that is run by those in government? So they say it is safe, but in the long term this product may be the causes of mental retardation or other effects in the human body. I have read from other sites about the attacks against natural foods and those that want to eat them instead of processed foods, so why should anyone want to have their children feed this 'Pink slime' in their children's school lunches? Is the answer to that question that it is designed to do just what I mentioned above, cause mental retardation? Maybe not in the sense of full blown retardation, but a dumbing down of the population, and where better to start but with the children. Its sad to say, but millions of children are going to be the ones that suffer from this because their parents will never know about this 'Pink slime' being feed to their children in school lunches. And if some of them do find out about this, I can bet you very few will attempt to do what is necessary to stop this and get it out of our public school cafeterias.