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Barack Obama: I Have A “Moral Obligation” To Neuter America

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 Barack Obama actually plans to do it. He actually plans to neuter America by unilaterally dismantling most of the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal. In fact, Barack Obama says that the United States has a “moral obligation” to disarm as we lead the way to “a world without nuclear weapons”. Sadly, a “world without nuclear weapons” is a fantasy that will not be possible any time soon. Nuclear weapons technology is getting into more hands with each passing year, and geopolitical tensions are rising all over the globe. If the United States did not have nuclear weapons, anyone with just a handful of nukes would constitute a massive threat to our national security. An overwhelming strategic nuclear arsenal helps keep us safe because every other nation on the planet knows that it would be national suicide to attack us.

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Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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Don't you think you and your kind are the reason why Obama wants to neuter America?  When you think and act like a sonnomabitch to your own son, to neuter you is like this harmful Obamacare the U.S. S. Court wants to undo.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So What! Does anyone really thing the Americans will do anything to stop it?: If so! just look around as you travel throughout your town...look at the Americans you see.Every now and then ask one a question about the direction their country is headed...You won`t believe the Ignorant answers you will get.American are all about Self....most of them that is.Americans,after finishing High School, run to the recruiters to practice what they have been taught..they enlist in the military to fight an Unconstitutional,Undeclared War. Family.....Right! The American Family is A.W.O.L.

Hey Son! You history books are being rewritten,and Son! I don`t really give a damn say`s the father of the family.Go Kill Somebody....You`ll be a HERO! When you get home you`ll have no Job,no Home,No benefits,you may even be put in prison...way to go Son....I`m proud of you...signed...DAD.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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Yeah, thanks for your comment: You said we need to stop fighting in this forum and fight Obama -- and lose ... because you don't know how to fight him. Firing your hatred against the Government everyday makes you lose the fight. Obama is NOT the Government. Your smoking gun is aimed at the wrong target. And your intense hatred against the Government is a sign of "mental illness" according to the National Institute of Health. Does Obama need to fight you? No need. He does not have to do anything. The American public will just crush you, and Obama wins.

Comment by Rob Crotchet
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The only thing that needs neutering is Obumma. We need to stop fighting each other in these comment forums, and put our minds together. Write to the Supreme Court Justices, if Congress doesn't listen, they don't care, they're part of the problem. If that don't work! We hang them all, get them where it hurts. After all, that's what they have done too you, your parents and your children. We can neuter them all if we keep our minds together.

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