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Philadelphia student arrested for photographing police


A student in Philadelphia has been arrested for taking photos of a traffic stop outside his house. That’s despite of the fact that police officers were specifically instructed that people can take pictures of their activity in public.

­Ian Van Kuyk, a Temple University photojournalism student, has been charged with obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. All for simply trying to do his course assignment.

Van Kuyk relates the story. He was sitting on the porch stairs of his home when police pulled a vehicle to the side of the street. As he was tasked with a night-photography assignment, Van Kuyk decided to use the moment, grabbed his camera and began shooting photos.

A police officer then told Van Kuyk to move away from the scene, and the student followed the order but continued shooting. However, an officer soon demanded that Van Kuyk stop taking photos. When the student asserted his rights to film on public domain, an officer reportedly said: “Public domain, yeah we’ve heard that before!” Van Kuyk says the officer then started shoving him.

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Comment by James Giantkiller
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these natzis keep getting away with it because we let them. these cops who arrested this kid should be drug out of there house in the middle of the night and tared and feathered. that is how this country was founded. servants to the king, fascists and natzis used to be tared and feathered so the pubic knew who they were.  

Comment by Rod Souza
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How is it that these nazi bastards continue to be labeled as police officers? All they are, are nazi trained drones that  have a mind set that they are immune to any accountability that continue to plunder, harm and even murder the citizens they are suppose to protect. Is there any doubt that we are not living in the Twilight Zone on Steroids? 

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