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NBC issues apology on Zimmerman tape screw-up

• Washington Post
NBC has completed its investigation into the mishandling of the police dispatcher’s conversation with George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case. And the process ends with a finding of error, plus an apology. Here is the statement just issued by the network: 

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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I am reminded of a segment from Kurt Vonnegutt Jr.'s Sirens of Titan.  Winston Niles Rumfoord, a fictional executive is addressing the main character (and the reader).

Rumfoord points to a large building and talks about how it is teeming with a multitude of "executives" who screw things up and lose things.  They were all very good at it and he paid them very well to do it.

Vonnegut lampoons Rumfoord with a quote attributed to him:  With each passing hour, globular cluster 31 in Hercules gets 30,000 miles closer to Earth.  And still there are misfits among us who declare 'there is no such thing as progerse' [sic].

In the book's narrative, Vonnegut tells the reader that Rumfoord intentionally pronouced the word that way.

First published in the late 1950's, the book well preceded that POTUS who pronounced "nuclear"  (new-clear) as "nyoo-cue-lur".  (Who was that guy?)

DC Treybil


Comment by Powell Gammill
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What I love about this is: 1.  It is not an apology.  2.  It provides transparently false excuse of how it happened without admitting it was a deliberate attempt to defame Zimmerman.  3.  It punished no one for an act that should have gotten at least one and probably several "responsible" news people immediately fired.  NBC has shown they are not to be trusted and have done little wit this "apology" to restore any faith they will not (get caught) manufacture the news again.  

Thankfully we have the unfiltered, uncensored (for now) Internet, where raw data quickly and unquestioningly demonstrates the long practiced corporate manipulations lies.

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