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'Necessary Force'

•, by William Norman Grigg

"I always thought police were nothing but good and were there to protect people," testifies Elizabeth Polak, a registered nurse from Phoenix. Her view of the State’s enforcement caste changed dramatically as a result of what she witnessed in Denver on the evening of March 25, 2008.

Polak, returning to her apartment following her daily jog, saw a man and a woman having an unremarkable conversation near the entrance to the building. Two police officers appeared – a development always pregnant with trouble – and approached the couple. From a distance of about 100 feet, Polak saw the officers stride purposefully toward the man, who was later identified as James Moore.


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Comment by Ana Panot
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 "That dead fly in your soup is as rare as the killers with a badge are." Brilliantly stated. I agree, compared to the "abundance" of criminals in our midst! Police penshooters do not seem to care, so long as they air their anti-cop grievances, real or imagined!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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This guy Kodigo has a good point which is much better than that of anti-cop bashers who right or wrong just want to shoot cops dead. In the lexicon of numbers applied in the Science of Statistical Frequency Distribution, killers with a badge is not a relative but absolute rarity! It is like while at the dinner table you are scooping a spoonful into your mouth and suddenly you saw a dead fly in your bowl of soup. That dead fly in your soup is as rare as the killers with a badge are.

Comment by Conrad Krosky
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This is generally what happens always: The "force" police officers are trained to use in subduing criminals is NECESSARY. To the subdued criminal and police haters -- and a lot of them are in this website --EXCESSIVE! This is why I yawn when reading reports of police brutality like this one. All I am interested in is police rounding up criminals to make sure that our already difficult life becomes less miserable. If a hit-and-run street mugger is crippled when resisting arrest, I don't cry a river of tears. Instead I pour in a glass of champagne and celebrate that at least one criminal is subtracted from quite a number of them that made me live in fear of my life and the life and limb of my wife, my children and members of my family! Go right on cops. Do your job.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Nothing like a little education.

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