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“Brandishing a Weapon will Bring a Tense Situation to a Complete Halt”

 Aaron Dykes Interviews Sheriff Richard Mack about what will it take to get big government out of our lives.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If Government really wanted to protect Americans from terrorists, the first thing that they would do is re-activate ALL American civilians that had been in the military at some time or other. Government would arm them with the latest weapons, and order them to stay at home and protect their neighborhoods.

Next, Government would set up application forms for any of the rest of the people who wanted to become para-military personnel in the same capacity as the, above, former military people who had been re-activated. And Gov would train them and supply them similarly as necessary.

Following that, if the threat still existed - which it wouldn't, because it virtually doesn't exist now, except from Government itself - Gov would require EVERYBODY to become para-military as stated above.

Since Government is NOT doing the above, and since it is doing just the opposite - trying to disarm Americans in every way that it can, against the SPIRIT of the 2nd Amendment, and probably the LETTER as well - one can easily see that it is Government who is the terrorist.

Now let me qualify the point that Government is the terrorist. At its foundation, Government is the Constitution. And, therefore, at its foundation, Government is NOT a terrorist. Government terrorists are the people in Government who will not obey their Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution, but, in fact, are doing just the opposite.

Isn't it time we get the terrorists out of Government?

Vote Ron Paul 2012. And if he is not on the ballot, write him in. And record the event with your cell-cam.

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