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Confession: Infiltrator who spied on Muslims reveals FBI techniques


While the FBI insists they are acting to defend the US from potential terrorist attacks, a former informant says it treats an entire religious group as suspicious. He told RT about some of the bureau's ethically murky practices.

RT:Back in 2006 you became Farouk al-Aziz, a French-Syrian in search of his Islamic roots. Tell us how did that happen?

CM: I was successful as an informant from 2003 to early 2006 working on money-for-hire operations, bank robberies, infiltrating white supremacist groups. And one day as I was speaking to my handler, her name was Tracy Hanlon. I said I am interested in infiltrating mosques. And she said “Oh my Gosh! That would be amazing. You would be gold!

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Comment by Larry Spencer
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a former informant says it treats an entire religious group as suspicious

The fallacy of this claim is that Islam is not "just" a religion, it is a political movement for a theocratic state. You cannot profess faith in the Islamic religion without also agreeing to support a "new world order" that replaces all secular government with a worldwide theocratic Islamic government, a government that murders all nonbelievers unless they agree to be virtual subjects of and slaves to believers.