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‘Public Transportation is a Human Right’: Demonstrators in 18 Cities Occupy Transit

•, By Rebecca Burns
 As the NYPD and the FBI continue to hunt for the masked Occupy demonstrators who last week staged a “fare strike” in New York City by chaining open subway entrances, activists in at least 18 cities yesterday held actions to protest rising public transportation fares.

Though strike and shutdown actions by Occupy have at times strained relationships with unions, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) announced earlier this month that it would endorse the National Day of Action for Public Transportation. The New York City fare strike allegedly took place with the cooperation from some rank-and-file members of the Transit Workers’ Union—whose members have been working since January 15 without a contract—though this was denied by a TWU spokesperson.

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 Nothing is a "human Right" if you have to forcefully take money from someone else to fund it. Not food, not medicine, not healthcare... nothing.