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In Arizona, Life Somehow Begins Two Weeks Before Conception. Don't Ask.

•, by Abby Zimet
 Proving definitively that Arizona is the worst place in the country to be a woman, or even a biped, Gov. Jan Brewer has signed into law three extreme anti-abortion measures including a so-called “egg drop” bill that effectively bans abortion after 18 weeks, except in cases of medical emergency, by redefining pregnancy as beginning two weeks before conception. Also under the richly named Women’s Health and Safety Act, schools and the state must promote adoption and birth as the best outcome for an unwanted pregnancy, in part by displaying images of fetuses. And clinics must have signs warning against abortion "coercion" - all this, in the name of "protecting women from the serious health and safety risks of abortion."

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Abortion has to be the political issue from hell.

It doesn't matter which position appears to be prevailing at any given point - the discussion always results in more "government".  If the pro-choice position is prevailing, the more-government advocates say, "Oh, look.  We must publicly fund this 'right' and provide 'education'."  And if the pro-life position is prevailing, the more-government advocates say, "Oh, look.  We must publicly fund enforcement measures and 'education'."

Until an hour or so ago, I advocated leaving government out of it, since, because science does not adequately address the issues involved, decisions are based on religious values.  I just listened to Butler Schaffer's talk at the Freedom Summit.  He bases the issue on property rights.  In the first few minutes of his presentation, my view of property rights was stood on its head.  I think Butler's concept of property rights makes a better case for keeping government the hell out of it.   

You can hear his talk by clicking

Butler Schaffer on Property Rights


16:30 time index is where he finishes his opening remarks and starts talking about property.


20:10 he reaches abortion. By 22:00 he is through talking about it directly, however, between 39:00 and 39:45 he touches on it directly again.  At about 45:00 he opens up the floor for discussion.  Everything between 16:30 and 45:00 clarifies what he means by saying abortion is a property right.


If you're like me, you'll want to hear the remaining 15 minutes and wish he had talked longer.


Schaffer's talk serves to illustrate further the absurdity of this law.


DC Treybil

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