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It's Tax Day for Astronauts in Space, Too

•, by Mike Wall
 Tax day comes for all Americans on Tuesday (April 17), including the two NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station, which is zipping around our planet at an altitude of 240 miles (386 kilometers).
But Dan Burbank and Don Pettit — who have been living on the station since November and December, respectively — are probably not racing to beat the tax filing deadline like a lot of us poor Earthbound folks. Procrastination and the astronaut vocation tend not to mix well, since spaceflyers have little free time on orbit, NASA officials said.
"Most astronauts assigned to long-duration missions make arrangements to file their taxes as well as other personal business and housekeeping matters in advance of their mission," NASA spokeswoman Nicole Cloutier told via email. "There is a crewmember support team that helps remind assigned crewmembers (via pre-flight briefings and checklists) to prepare for these types of practical matters preflight."

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Comment by Ed Price
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I agree with Cathy. Think about it. Most people are employees. They are not business owners, mostly. As an employee, you get paid what you get paid. If your employer wants to pay the tax man, that's his business. If you want to write a check out to the tax man, that's your business. All this gross taxable and net taxable is nonsense. You get paid what you get paid.

Comment by Cathy Cuthbert
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Gov't workers don't pay taxes, they get a cut of everyone else's wealth through our taxes. This article is silly.