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Tennessee Sheriffs Crack Down On Obama Federal Agents Gone Wild

Tennessee Sheriffs Cracks Down On Obama Federal Agents Gone WIld: NDAA Nullified And Kidnapping Charges Against Feds..

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Pure Trust:

Based on your reference to Psalm 82 under Skip's post, you might enjoy reading my book.  It has about 100 pages (out of 700 approximately) that consist of various Biblical passages that relate to individual freedom and liberty.  The tone of that text is similar to the tone of your text in that post.

I'm doing this here, because I doubt anyone else is attending to this article anymore, but I hope you are.

Go to to get my email.  If you are interested, contact me and I will happily gift you a copy.  You can read it on your computer using free apps from

DC Treybil 

Comment by Ed Price
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You are so funny DCT... chuckle, chuckle.

Yet, the reality of STATE, of the Federal or the State is fictional. Why? Go to the border between any 2 States, or go to the U.S./Canadian or U.S./Mexican border, and take a look. How can you tell that the border is there?

Many borders have a fence built on/along them. Other borders have a natural fault-line or geographical feature that they were defined by - like the Rio Grande River. And some borders have no distinguishing feature at all.

When you get right down to look at these borders, man made or natural, where is the real border? Where, exactly is the dividing line? which molecule is on this side of the border, and which is on that side?

You see, right at the border-line itself, there is no difference, one side of the border to the other. Both sides of the border, right at the border-line are exactly the same. What does this show? This shows that all the borders are fictional. They are all make believe, just like the STATES that made them.

In other words, the STATE is merely a STATE OF MIND, a fiction. Now, a border may have been measured out with transits and surveyed. The measurements may have been written down with great detail. But since the State that ordered the measuring to take place is a fiction, the borders are a fiction as well.

As soon as people forget the fictional States, as soon as the paperwork is destroyed and the memories of it are forgotten, the State disappears. All that the State was, in all of its glory, was a mass of fiction, made up by people to look like it was real.

No beauty contest. No sows. All make believe.

Comment by Dennis Treybil
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This comment is part apologias and part challenge.

I doubt this needs to be said, but for anyone who may happen to be reading my comments here with any regularity, I think it is abundantly clear that the thought of no state would never have occured to me on my own in this lifetime.

That being said, I do not dismiss the idea.  It is just far enough removed from where I am right now that I would not have got there on my own, but its is not so far removed from what I know that I should dismiss the idea out of hand.

For the benefit of those who may be more ready to embrace the idea of no state, I offer the following remarks, a quasi-challenge:

When you have two really hideous sows, how do you get people to like them?

ANSWER:  You stage a beauty contest.

Yep, you get them thinking about which hideous sow is the prettiest.

The reason this is done is because it works.

Why, exactly, it works, is beyond my pay grade.

To the article at hand - in this corner we have the hideous sow of the federal government.  And in this other corner we have the hideous sow of the state government.

To be sure, the hideous sow of the state government looks prettier right now - lots and lots prettier.

But, it's still a hideous sow in a beauty contest.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

DC Treybil

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