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No protest; no guns: Tampa, Florida asks, 'How much of the Bill of Rights can we get rid of?


The City Council of Tampa, Florida is asking Republican Governor Rick Scott to issue an executive order that would keep people with permits for concealed weapons from — wait for it — carrying concealed weapons.

Citing concerns over how armed protesters could disrupt the Republican National Convention slated to occur in Tampa, Florida this summer, lawmakers in the city are demanding that Governor Scott sign an executive order that would strip legal gun owners from their right to keep and bear arms concealed on their person.

Because Florida law prohibits local authorities from overruling gun statues that apply to the whole state, the Tampa City Council cannot impose a ban of their own. Worrying over the possibility of protesters arming themselves with guns instead of signs, lawmakers on a local level are asking the state’s highest authority to put a temporary ban on concealed weapons.

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Comment by David McElroy
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Amazing how the US Constitution is viewed as a threat, something deemed by law enforcement to be the staple of extremist rhetoric. Shocking how easily some feel it and our Bill of Rights can be dismissed with a presidential edict instead of a constitutional amendment. Horrifying how the Patriot Act, and NDAA of 2012 simply make due process an option to ignore in arresting, torturing, or even executing American citizens anytime, anywhere, with no judicial remedies!  But no, we must be calm and discuss the issues, engaged in endless fact-finding and debates, fund raisers and meetings, while our country is hijacked by a dictator!

Our forefathers did not debate the British! They shot them. Live free or die trying. Jesus is a libertarian. Have no king but Jesus!