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Ron Paul talks about liberty, freedom with UC Davis crowd

 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul rallied a crowd of thousands at UC Davis Thursday evening in a "fight for liberty."
Liberty and less government intervention were key to Paul's 45-minute speech in the Quad.
"We need a revolution because we're not going in the right direction," said Paul, also a congressman from Texas.
In regards to government intervention, Paul mentioned this week's story in San Diego where a young man allegedly went without food or water for more than four days after the federal Drug Enforcement Administration arrested him.

"They have no authority to be law enforcement whatsoever," he said.

On the war on drugs, Paul said people should decide what is best for themselves. He said there is secrecy in government while individual privacy is violated.

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Got Raw Milk?&page=1

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Ron Paul also once talked aboutt freedom to drink raw milk, and the liberty to contract Salmonella, E.Coli and Listeria, and with it the right to spread an epidemic as the people's option to fight for their liberty and freedom. Too many donkeys are hooked that the RNC might cancel him in the GOP National Convention where his noise will no longer be heard assuming that he will not drop out of the race before then.