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Federal Reserve Reform, Congressional Panel

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Representatives Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Barney Frank (D-MA) testified on their differing legislative proposals to reform the Federal Reserve System. Representative Brady's version included getting rid of the dual mandate of the Federal Reserve and allowing all 12 regional presidents to have a permanent vote in setting monetary policy, and would have the Federal Reserve monitor prices, specifically with the price of gold. Representative Frank's bill would make Federal Reserve regional bank presidents more diverse and regional banks presidents would have to be confirmed by the Senate and president.

Video Update: Ron Paul Subcommittee Examines Proposals to Reform or Abolish Federal Reserve:

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Comment by bayag
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Attaboy ... Annonymous75! Go make gook politicians learn something every day. How can those useless politicians overhaul something they know nothing about? They want to overhaul the Federal Reserves when they don't even know what the critically super-sensitive role of the Fed is to the economy.  Look what happened when those nosey know-nothing politicians tried to "reform" the housing industry ... Barney Frank was one of those nincompoops who tinkered the housing loan industry leading to its crushing collapse. And now next is to poke their fingers on the Federal Reserves -- what for ...for  the collapse of the economy? A Posse should be formed to go after those outlaws and hang them in the nearby tree.

Comment by Anonymous75
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To reform the Federal Reserves, you must go to school first and learn the ABC of Economics. Otherwise you just rip-form the Fed like what Ron Paul had been doing for the last 20 years!