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US unveils new tactics to tackle Al Qaeda propaganda


Hacking is a vital tool to fight extremist propaganda, US State Secretary Hillary Clinton has revealed. Washington has replaced Al Qaeda material on Yemeni tribal websites with information on damage the terror group has done to Yemeni civilians.

­Speaking at a conference of US and international special commanders, Clinton said cyber intelligence experts were able to take down pages extolling the murder of Americans and substitute them with pages describing the toll al-Qaeda attacks have taken on Yemenis. She noted that the extremists responded by telling supporters not to believe everything they see on the Internet.

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Osama bin Laden used to lead Al Qaeda propaganda. Now that he is dead, Al Qaeda is not a bit worried … anti-Government American terrorists and terrorist suspects had taken over.

Sec. Clinton reported that "The Centre for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications … patrols the Internet and social media … they will work to pre-empt, discredit and outmaneuver extremist propaganda."

As a free public feature, I have done the same, if not better. I have written a lot more explaining why the FBI Watch List is now kilometric in length.

You must be prepared what to do when they come and get you!