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Going nuclear-free: Germany smashes solar power world record


Germany’s solar power plants produced a record 22 gigawatts of energy on Friday, equivalent to the output of 20 nuclear plants. The country is already a world-leader in solar power and hopes to be free of nuclear energy by 2022.

The director of the Institute of the Renewable Energy Industry (IWR) in Muenster, northeast Germany, said the solar power delivered to the national grid on Saturday met 50 per cent of the nation’s energy quota.

"Never before anywhere has a country produced as much photovoltaic electricity. Germany came close to the 20 gigawatt (GW) mark a few times in recent weeks. But this was the first time we made it over," Norbert Allnoch told Reuters news agency.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Always, the number 1 problem with solar is, what do you do at night or on a very cloudy day? After all, certain parts of early evening have very high usages of electrical power - lights going on while mass transit systems that use electricity are being used to take workers home, yet much industrial and many offices are still using a lot of power.

Not to put the cart before the horse, or anything, but the focus on electrical storage and retrieval is just as important.

Maybe I've been reading too much of David Niven's "Ringworld" books, but why don't we all get together and build a gigantic space mirror that is in the same orbit around the sun as is earth, but just a tad further out? It could focus sunlight on the dark side of the earth, and we would never have night.

Think of how big the plants would grow if they had that much more sunlight. World hunger would disappear.

If we wanted to sleep, we could use room-darkening shades on our windows.

Controls could be placed in the space mirror that would allow it to stop shining light on any area of the world that needed darkness for awhile. Wouldn't it be wonderful?