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Lakeland man arrested for spitting on sidewalk

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"He said, 'Can I pat you down,' and at that point I said, 'No, you cannot," said Stoiber, adding he does not use drugs or alcohol.

Stoiber said an argument ensued, and an officer handcuffed him.

Stoiber, who was chewing snuff, leaned over to spit on the sidewalk, and was taken into custody.


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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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You know? The police DO actually cut down burglaries in some areas simply by patrolling. People should respect the police. And the police, above all others, should obey the law, even if some joker doesn't show proper respect.

There is going to be trouble over things like this. It is difficult to be forgiving, both, by police towards people who do not respect them, and towards police who do not obey the law, but try to intimidate people instead.

Why are more and more guns being purchased? For protection against law-breakers, right? And the guns may not be ultimately used - down the road, someday - to protect against the kinds of law-breakers they were originally purchased to protect against.