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Fed faces political heat in weighing more economic stimulus

• Washington Post
With Europe falling deeper into crisis and Congress paralyzed, only one institution may have the flexibility to try to keep the U.S. economic recovery on track: the Federal Reserve.

But the Fed faces a daunting burden. Any new action could provoke tough political criticism. Republicans, in particular, have expressed deep concern about the measures taken by the Fed to support the economy — and could be doubly upset if new efforts goose the stock market and are perceived to work in favor of President Obama’s reelection.


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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Only the Feds knows how to handle this problem. Don't leave the solving of our economic woes to a gynocologist who learned economics by delivering babies! And don't be crazy by calling him the next President of the United States. Don't hold a "carnival of fools" to pocket some money under his name. That's swindling. We have already enough troubles.