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Now They've Invented Laser-Guided Bullets So Snipers Can Kill You From 2 Miles Away

•, The Economist
 MILITARY snipers are competitive types. There is an ongoing and grisly contest between them to see who can kill an enemy soldier from the farthest distance away.

The present record is held by Craig Harrison, a corporal in the British Army's Household Cavalry, who managed to kill two Taliban soldiers from 2,475 metres in November 2009.

That was a slight improvement on the previous record, held by Rob Furlong, a Canadian soldier also fighting in Afghanistan, who managed to shoot his enemy in the chest from a distance of 2,473 metres in 2002.

Such long-range killings are the exception rather than the norm, as long-distance shooting is extremely difficult. Snipers must guess at wind direction, atmospheric density, relative humidity and a host of other factors that affect a bullet's trajectory.

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Comment by Anonymous75
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I know how extremely dangerous but at the same time I am also aware how outstandingly marvelous the life of a Sniper is. Snipers never die … they just fade away.


Comment by brag
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 I go along with what JV says. It is that high quality beyond and/or above the ordinary of how long you hold your breath before you pull the triger. In training, those who turn blue fail the test and therefore hardly qualify.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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This tells me that in the United States, only technology in sniper-shooting can be improved while the "skill" cannot. Skill could no longer be improved because it is already topnotch.

Comment by brag
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My nephew is a decorated retired "expert" sniper in the Marine Corp. At the standard range of 2,400+ meters or there about, he can hit a dime dead center. All celebrated military snipers in the United States -- and only a few of them can be counted in our fingers -- have their individual signature when they hit their kill-target. For instance, if a terrorist is taken when hit in the eye at such distance, the Military knows whose kill was it.