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Idaho GOP: End the Fed, bring back gold

• The Daily Caller
Idaho joins close to ten other states in saying no to fiat currencies and yes to a precious metals backed dollar. The state lawmakers also are supporting an end to the Federal Reserve. This is more great news for those looking to escape the tyranny of central banking. 

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Comment by Arty Choke
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It makes sense JV – what you said is too damn clear that lack of education is one of the major problems of this country today. As you pointed out, you can see evidence of this crisis in those pointless, ill-bred, badmouth comments below.

On the showing of ignorance, "free right" to contract is a language of the ignorant. You cannot call it a "free right" as much as it would be so foolish for anyone to say that there is a "wrong right". For lawyers like us who are trained to be careful in the use of language, this oxymoron is taboo. But this nonsense is a toast of champagne among illiterate bucket-kickers in the hills who are pretending like crazy to be learned buffs.

And Social Security is a law you cannot breach unless you are so ignorant that jail is the safest place for you to live.

You do not do a private contract with the law, as those ignorant comments suggest. This proves that their lack of education in this regard is not only a problem but a burden we Americans have to shoulder to get them and the likes of them educated.

Obamacare is not what Tax is legally defined in the IRC. Its "cost" operates like a tax, but you cannot find Obamacare in the Internal Revenue Code as one of those enumerated taxes.

The problem is ignorant badmouths guestimate what the Supreme Court said when it interpreted the term "tax" while ruling on Obamacare – and they have not even gone to law school so that they can pretend that they are better or more learned than those Justices who sat on the Bench. Ignoramuses are repulsive when they badmouth the Supreme Court.

It is hard to disprove the fact that only those with the mentality of mountain people would have the gall to do what they are doing. They are not even aware of their ignorance – and that’s where the tragedy lies. There is no way we can get them educated and be free of the Cross of Ignorance they carry on their back the rest of their life. JV is right, they are victims of self-pity, even calling themselves ‘slaves".

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Annonymous75 is absolutely right. What you read is not what it is, and people react badly ... angrilly if you may. Thus meaningless anger due to ignorance is a waste of the nation's energy and resources ... we waste billions of dollars more than we do in Iraq and Afghanistan, educating people who create uncouch stories and make obnoxious pointless comments like this. How heavy is this burden on our back is beyond belief. For example, when an angry ignoramus say that today he is a "slave" Lincoln did not free, breaks the camel's back.

Comment by Anon Patriot
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Why the Middle Class Is Doomed 

Welfare for the underclass, and Welfare (Banker Bailouts) for the over-class, can ONLY lead, inevitably, to reduction of the employed, tax-paying, middle class.  The middle class is being squeezed to death, by taxes.  The 1% are killing the middle class.  THIS LEADS TO POLITICAL UPHEAVAL.

Comment by Ed Price
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Here's what the FED is doing to US.

From Sovereign Man: "There are two ways to become wealthy in this world– you can either create value, or you can steal it from someone else. One of these models is sustainable, the other is not.

This region represents a remarkable bifurcation in that decision tree… showing what happens when nations pursue a corrupt, rigged system stacked for the elite vs. following the path to economic freedom."


Comment by James Eldridge
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Idaho GOP: End the Fed, bring back gold. -- And right in the middle of the article, "Stand with Israel". What a mockery to the article. Jews control the Fed and there is just no way they are going to allow for that money maker to be closed down.