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True Zombieism: Part 3 of a 3 Part Series: Preventing & Curing Zombieism:

• Dr. Doctor Austin guardianlv
 The Institute carries out research into Zombieism and delivers public awareness lectures on the subject. There most recent lecture series, Zombie Science 1Z, toured the UK in 2011/12, and was delivered to over 12,000 teenagers and adults, at venues ranging from schools to cinemas. Supported by the Wellcome Trust, the lecture was designed to both educate and entertain its audiences. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Part 3: Preventing & Curing Zombieism

Across this series of articles we’ve established what a real Zombie might be like and what biological agent may be responsible for causing them. In our final article let’s combine this knowledge to theorise on how we might prevent and cure a true Zombieism outbreak.

The most promising candidate for producing a Zombie outbreak is a new type of prion disease. The good news, prion diseases are presently extremely rare. The bad news, prion diseases are incredibly difficult to diagnose and treat.

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