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Pro-choice groups file lawsuit over Arizona law defunding Planned Parenthood

•, By Kay Steiger
 The American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood of Arizona filed a lawsuit against an Arizona law which prohibits Medicaid patients from receiving any covered services at clinics like Planned Parenthood simply because they also provide abortion care.

The complaint (PDF) was filed in an Arizona District Court on Monday and directly challenges an Arizona law, known as HB 2800 (PDF), signed by Republican Gov. Jan Brewer in May.

ACLU and Planned Parenthood said in a press release that a federal court enjoined a similar law passed in Indiana, and other states have similarly tried to block state Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood, including Kansas, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.
“It is wrong for the state to tell Arizonans who they can and cannot see for their health care. The men and women of this state have the right to see the health care provider they deem is best for them,” says Bryan Howard, President and CEO, Planned Parenthood Arizona said during a press call. “We are confident that the federal court will agree and grant an injunction to prevent this harmful law from going into effect.”

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Planned Parenthood = Dictatorship in America.

Does the state ever execute anyone without a good, solid, serious trial? A crime needs to have been committed, there has to be evidence, there need to be witnesses, and there must be due process of law for anyone to be executed by the State.

The only exception to this is the execution of people still inside their Mommys' tummies.