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Mayor Bloomberg Says Cops Should Go On Strike Until Americans Give up Their Guns

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Mayor Bloomberg made the statement that cops should go on strike and refuse to protect the public until they take the right actions through legislation to give up their guns presumably so they can rely completely on state protection. So, basically, only cops and the government should have guns because they would never abuse that right and there are no criminals in law enforcement, ever. Seems legit.


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Comment by Alan Neuman
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The police are not required to protect you anyway! Read Supreme Court rulings at large. I'm all for them going on strike. Hell, lets just fire them all and let the public handle its own affairs. No more Police brutality! No more Police inflicted homicides! Arm EVERYONE with 9mm handguns and watch how quickly the crime rate goes down and everyone becomes polite! For example, Kinesaw, Georgia. Almost ZERO crime rate. And if there are any crimes, God Forgives, Citizens of Kinesaw arrange the meeting.




Comment by Temper Bay
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The little piss-ant DemiGod of New York should be careful what he wishes for.

The Albuquerque PD went on strike in 1975 - only 9 line officers honored their oath and stayed on the job.  Crime went down 40%.  A local burglar came into the station to pay a parking ticket and when we asked him why he wasen't out hitting houses he responded, "You're crazy, man, those fuc%&ing people out there got their guns out."

Comment by Anon Patriot
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THIS is a GREAT idea, Mayor Bloomin' Idiot!  Seriously, it is a great idea (for the Liberty Movement).  Enough Americans already have guns, that they probably do NOT need police!  THIS will SAVE MILLIONS, IF NOT BILLIONS of taxpayers $$.





Comment by Powell Gammill
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From The Desk of Mayor Bloomberg


Comment by GrandPoobah
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Cool. Not likely to happen though, because volunteer forces would sprout like weeds, and do a lot better job for a lot less money. And they would not owe allegience to corrupt politicians, who themselves might end up in jail. 

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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An excellent idea Blummer baby. Cops, Nazi Drones) are the most indoctrinated brainwashed and most important, the most dangerous elements we have in our society today.   "It is next to impossible to show someone the truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth."

 I think the entire regime should go on strike, state, local & federal, but they can only protest in designated areas, like at the FEMA camps or even the next false flag event. 

Hey Blummer baby, you have my vote.

Comment by rewrite
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I'm a TEXAN and I would like to Advise the Brilliant Mayor of NYC, Bloomberg to not walk Slow in the Parks,  the Squirrels wiould get him,  They Love "NUTS" .....Billy Mills "Straight" from TEXAS

Comment by PureTrust
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And the military and the drones.

Law enforcement and the military is made up of people.

Originally, the militia - law enforcement and the military - was made up of all the citizens of the nation. Why not now?

Bloomberg's right. Let 'em go on strike so that none of them get hurt, and so that the rest of us don't get hurt, either - so that we all can go home, safe, to our families.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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That is a great idea!  The first one Bloomberg may ever have had as a public oaficial. 

Without the state's enforcement mechanism everyone is free to do as they please.  I sooooo want to see the results.  Will it be chaos or self-responsibility?  Tooth and claw or new found courtesy?  I believe a well armed society is a polite society.  It is selected for.

Comment by Gene Kernan
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Yes!  For once, he got it right!  PUT ALL OF 'EM ON STRIKE!  Permanently. 

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