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Bloomberg blasts ‘deafening silence’ on guns from Obama and Romney

•, Kevin Liptak

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg bemoaned Monday what he called a “deafening silence” on gun control from the two presidential candidates after a pair of high-profile shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin killed a combined 18 people.

Long an outspoken advocate for tighter restrictions on guns, Bloomberg originally called on President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney to lay out their respective plans on stemming gun violence after 12 people were shot at a movie theater outside Denver on July 20.

His remarks Monday came one day after a gunman killed six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

“Just two weeks after the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, we’ve seen another mass shooting,” Bloomberg, an independent, said on the steps of a Sikh community center in Queens. “One in which it appears there were some warning signs in the shooter.

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Comment by Temper Bay
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>  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg bemoaned Monday what he called a “deafening silence” on gun control...

This 'bemoaning' by a piss-ant demi-god who lives 24/7 surrounded by armed bodyguards to protect his sorry ass. 

Comment by PureTrust
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What is there that Obama or Romney can or should say?

1. Guns is America. The only way we conquer the world is with guns and bigger guns.

2. The American people have had several golden decades of relative peace at home. Out of sight, out of mind. The more guns are spoken about, the more they come into mind.

3. Would a completely martial-law America work at this stage in the game? Maybe. But probably not. At least, not without destroying the infrastructure of the country that the Power Elite still depend on. Let the guns controversies remain untouched. The people just might forget... like they do with everything else.

Roosevelt knew about the imminent Pearl Harbor attack 2 weeks before. There is so much about Oklahoma City and 9/11 that does not make sense, and there is so much that Government will not clarify about what it really knows, that they both MUST have been inside jobs, at least partially. And what about Waco and Ruby Ridge and Jose Guerena, where we see that Government is intentionally at fault? But we forget, right?

4. Gun removal from the hands of the people is, also, imminent. The police and military in America will remove the guns from the people shortly. So why talk about it? Talking just makes it a little more difficult on everyone. After all, if the masses have the directive to fight their Government, it is crystal clear in their minds. They just might go out and do it. But if there is question among the people, they just might NOT be ready to do what it takes when the time comes.

Bloomberg, you are making it difficult for the Power Elite to use their puppets, Obama and Romney, to disarm the people of America. If you don't shut your yap, some member of your police army who is more loyal to the Power Elite than to you, just might shut it for you. So watch yourself.
People of America, if you continue to depend of Government for your protection, you will fail and fall. It's time to stand up for your rights and protect yourselves... with guns if necessary.