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Robotic Hand Achieved

• arclein
"The capability of the robotic hand is so near to that of humans that the vision of robots as personal assistants in the household, in the operating room as well as in industrial settings is becoming ever more realistic," said fellow Bologna researcher Gianluca Palli.

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Comment by Ed Price
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What do you mean that nature couldn't have formed a mechanical hand like this? Do you think that any of the technology that was used to make the hand was derived from somewhere outside of nature? Do you think that any of the people (or aliens) that developed and made the hand came from somewhere outside of nature? Can there even be such a thing as "outside of nature?"

C'mon, get real. We are all the slaves of nature, in which we live. We are the development of nature that nature used to develop the mechanical hand that is almost as capable as a natural organic one. And our ideas of how evolution works are about as stupid as we can sophisticatedly get.

Perhaps if we could start to conceive of what "outside of nature" might really mean, we might start thinking about developing something that has nothing to do with nature.

By the way, since nature is so far beyond us, simply by examining it using our humble methods of observation, there's no way we can tell - at least at this stage of the game - whether nature is simply way beyond us, or if it has been built that way by a being or beings that are as far beyond nature as nature is beyond us - as we are beyond microbes. Think about it.

Comment by Ed Price
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This is incredible! Modern science has taken the R & D of thousands of people and companies over generations, and finally built a human hand!

Think of all the technology that must have gone into this project. Think of all the Government grant money. But if not grant money, then think of all the products that must have been sold to finally get enough profit over the years to go ahead with a project like this.

Something like this could not have been done 10,000 years ago. It could not have been accomplished only 1,000 years ago. In fact, it may not have been feasible only a decade ago. The evolution of man is definitely advancing. And this one thing proves it beyond almost anything else that man has accomplished.

Man is finally starting to really catch up to Nature. The micro-biologic, automatic MACHINERY of NATURE - machinery which is able to produce and manufacture not only billions of hands, but billions of whole bodies as well - is finally getting a little competition. WE ARE ACTUALLY CATCHING UP TO NATURE!!!

Of course, it will be at least decades - probably hundreds of years - before we can make the hand actually be alive - without adding some of Nature's life to it, that is. It may be thousands of years before we can actually control the individual molecules of Nature sufficiently that we can form a whole living human being, molecule by molecule, and give him/her/it life. But we ARE catching up!

This stupid Nature that we exist and live in. Thought it could outsmart us. Well, we'll show It. In a couple million years, we'll have technology that goes way beyond what Nature produces automatically every day... if we don't destroy ourselves off the face of the planet first, that is. Stupid smart Nature.