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A First Look at the Sneakiest Tank Outside of the NSA

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World news is thick with stories about flying drones spying on an unsuspecting public. These are largely reports of military or law enforcement drones flying over the Middle East, Africa and the Southwestern United States. But what about terrestrial drones that can spy on your big sister or hassle your pets? If you don’t have access to a multimillion dollar machine and your flying skills are a bit rusty, the Rover 2.0 spy tank is here.

Don’t tell your sister.

Brookstone’s Rover 2.0 is an iOS and Android-controlled camera-enabled spy tank. The sneaky little pod transmits video and sound to the smartphone apps controlling the device. It’s the high-tech surveillance equivalent of sitting next to a door with a water glass pressed against the wood. We got our hands on a pre-production version of the Rover 2.0 and took it for a spin around the Wired office.

See with your hands and your eyes. Photo: Peter McCollough/Wired

The Rover 2.0 offers some minor improvements over the previous model. It still captures photos, just like its predecessor. But the new Rover also brings video capture to the mix. The photo and video quality isn’t the greatest, but considering the shooting angle of the photos and video are from shoe level you’re not exactly going to use the footage as Facebook profile pics. The new app uses sliders instead of buttons to steer and accelerate the tank. The sliders are better than the buttons of the previous app but offer very little in the way of speed control. The tank has two speeds: Stop and go.

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Don't believe the reports of legal channels being followed to have drones allowed in the US at some point in the future. They are here and hovering in a neighborhood near you. I have seen for myself and it is a surrealistic vision that sent a chill down my spine. It was military and had no reason to silently float past my front yard.