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Wayne Allyn Root Quits Libertarian Party

• Lew Rockwell blog

Former Libertarian Party (LP) vice-presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root has announced he is leaving the LP and resigning his positions with the Libertarian National Committee and Libertarian National Campaign Committee.

Root says he will be running for US Senate as a Republican in the future.


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Comment by Joe Tittiger (29500)
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This is precisely why I left the libertarian party and will never affiliate with any party again.

Comment by David McElroy (1027)
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Good riddance! How did the Libertarian Party ever let that warhawk phony carry their standard in an election was way beyond me.  His very presence in the party was enough to drive libertarians away from the party.  He was always a GOP infiltrator from the beginning! 

Comment by Forty Four O Nine (11690)
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That douche Wayne Alllen is NOT a libertarian. He is what ever you want him to be as long as you give him your cash. No one is giving him cash so he is leaving. The guy is a complete scum bag. I guess it makes sense that he is running for congress now :)