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Police State Takes Over Greyhound

•, from the trenches
  I was on a Greyhound this morning after a 12 hour trip and was really looking forward to getting off the bus. As we pulled up to the terminal, my final destination, I saw a couple of uniformed figures headed toward the bus. The driver announced we should all keep our seats.

One guy in some kind of security service uniform and a city cop climbed on and said that in an effort to curb drugs and moneysmuggling they wanted us to get off one by one, set down our carry-ons and step away while they let a dog sniff it. Then they asked if there any questions.

I was seated 6 or so rows back and I asked, “Are we were being detained?” No response at all.

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Comment by PureTrust
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This is sort of the way that car and driver licenses came into being in the first place. A few people gave in, and the rest followed suit out of fear.

Nowadays, it takes a lot of legal activity to move yourself into the realm of no need for the two licenses. And once you are there, they (law enforcement) keep pestering and harassing you, even after you prove them wrong in court over and over and over.

Comment by James17
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And so it goes. We can talk about it but look at all of those that did nothing buy comply, so those that follow these orders to be doing these searches are going to be getting away with what they are doing because 97% of the public will allow it. 1% that want the takeover of the entire world for their own benefit. 1% that do their bidding like we read above. Then 1% of us that will not follow the other 97 + 2% into the ditch. Too old, too young, don’t know what’s going on, don’t care even if they do know and won’t do anything until it is too late for them to save their own asses.