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Gary Johnson wins Pennsylvania, loses Oklahoma with showdown in Michigan


Gary Johnson won one battle late this past week in the State of Pennsylvania when a Commonwealth Court of Judges ruled in a two to one decision he had earned enough signatures to be on the ballot for President in Pennsylvania. However, at this time, Gary Johnson seems to have lost any chance of making the ballot in Oklahoma. In that state, thousands of thousands of petition signatures were thrown out by Republican and Democratic officials fearing the impact of additional competition on the ballot this coming Election Day. The federal case in the State of Michigan is still pending.

The good news: Johnson’s win in Pennsylvania

On Friday, 14 September, a Commonwealth Court of Judges ruled two to one in Gary Johnson’s favor, saying 9,000 signatures were in fact valid despite the fact the address given did not on the petitions did not match addresses did not match the voting file. Not unexpectedly, the GOP attorneys are appealing this decision.

Pennsylvania Republican Party Spokesman Valarie Caras claiming that the “Libertarian Party's nominating petitions [were] riddled with errors, duplicate signatures, and in some cases, blatant fraud.” What Caras fails to mention is that this was the reason thousands of signatures were already thrown out from the beginning of the process.

Also, 16,000 signatures had already been agreed upon by all parties as legitimate. This is eight times the number of signatures required to run as a Republican or Democrat (just 2,000 signatures are needed) in Pennsylvania. For more information on this case, continue reading here.

The bad news: Johnson’s loss in Oklahoma


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Comment by Olde Reb (20546)
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 Dear Skip,    stop protesting and see what it will get you.

Comment by H. Skip Robinson (28829)
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Funny, how the walls of tyranny have been maintained by the ruling oligarchy. When I ran for the State House here in Florida in 1992, I had to gather 12,000 signitures to get on the ballot for a little $22K a year job. I wasted weeks standing out front of K-mark and other establishments collecting signiture. I won't do that again. My apponent, Jack Tobin, a Democractic incumbent raised $95K that year and all the incumbents out rasised their adversaries by >8:1.

Couple in the manipulation of the vote counting and control of the main stream media, elected representation has no chance of working. 

We should know this.  Harry Brown wrote a Book on it. "Why Government Doesn't Work".  The real issue is democracy doesn't work and placing a layer of elected representatives on top of a direct democracy, does not solve the problems of the failures of democracy. In fact it add another problem.  The money can go directly to the representatives now.  There are still people who believe the Republican and Democrat adversarial position are real. We have the fascist vs the communists and both lead to tyranny.    

Participating in a system that doesn't work sends a horrible message to the unknowing or misinformed and provides our adversaries with annunition and lies that lend to their tyrannical controls.  It's a form of acquiescense.  Rather than put forth a better system, free enterprise, we are trying to use a failed system to promote and establish a better system.   

The money we are wasting is unconscionable.  How many more years are we going to smake our heads against the wall.

Keep protesting and voting and see where it gets you. 



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