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Wrongly convicted inmates freed but get little help

• USA Today
Former inmates abruptly freed after spending up to six years in federal prison even though they were "legally innocent" are coming home with less help than the government typically provides the guilty after they are released.

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Comment by Anonymous
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That all sounds really nice, but after getting up close to Ernie, Donna and others in the Scottsdale Arizona breakfast club group~  I call you out on absolute LIES.  LIES for profit while trying to racketeer and manipulate criminals into office that ARE NOT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, BUT FOR THEIR CRIMINAL CABAL.   This is a cabal financed by the Jesuit in Rome in its relation to the legal banking entity that secretly owns every American as personal property:  "The Crown"....  Why do not any of you expose THAT truth.  You and I both know why.  That is why you continually erase from this site everything that I report in absolute good faith.

Comment by Ed Price
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Does this mean that these folks can start suing Government for wrongful imprisonment, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, or maybe mullions?

From the article: "USA TODAY's investigation found that the Justice Department had done almost nothing to identify prisoners such as Cooke — many of whom did not know they were innocent — and had argued in court that they should remain imprisoned even though its lawyers agreed they had not committed a federal crime."

Look at this. Some in Government wanted to keep the folks in prison even after it had been determined that they had NOT committed a crime.

Not only did Government officials not want to compensate innocent people for time lost while falsely imprisoned, but THEY ACTUALLY WANTED TO KEEP THE PEOPLE IN PRISON!!!

Can you believe that? How retarded must certain parts of our justice system be?

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