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All Grocery Stores Should Adopt This Awesome Shopping Cart Map

•, Ashley Lutz
 We've all gotten lost inside a massive supermarket before.

Bloom Stores, a grocery that was recently acquired by Food Lion, has a solution to keep customers on-track.

The chain has an easy-to-read map of the store, detailing where different categories are.

We found this picture of the map on Reddit.

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Comment by Tyger
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It would never work in Arizona. The maps would have to have both American and Mexican labels on them and there just wouldn't be room for that. Or, they would have to have some way to flip the map over with Mexican labels on the back side. Trouble with that is you'd probable have to decide which side you wanted to read before you could even use the cart. Then we would be told to consider ourselves lucky the Mexican side wasn't on the front. And if it weren't that way to start with, it soon would be.

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