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Hickory man found innocent after 24 years in prison

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Grimes' lawyer presented evidence during the weeklong hearing that showed police did not question a half-dozen people who said Grimes was somewhere else when the rape happened. They also showed that two fingerprints found at the home where the rape happened were linked to another man, who has been charged with several rapes during the 1970s.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Since voting isn't getting us anywhere near justice, what do we need to do? What are some of the major points that need to be tackled; how do we tackle them; what are the first and second steps?

Freedom's Phoenix is doing one of the first step. It is becoming informed while at the same time helping others to become informed.

Is FP always fair in the coverage it gives? No, BUT THERE IS A BIG REASON. Often FP does not always report the other side of the story (similar to BIG media, but FP does a lot of the time). Is this fair to the readers? Generally it wouldn't be. But in the CURRENT CRISIS - crisis of ignorance among the general public - it is necessary for FP to be biased in the direction of FREEDOM, just to stir the public up, to get people to take a look at what is really happening around them.

The people behind Freedom's Phoenix are also doing the second step, and they are encouraging the rest of us to step in and do it with them. They are - on occasion - running for Government office.

Probably as long as freedom to vote lasts, there are always going to be those who will vote. One of the biggest ways to wake the public up is to run for Government office, especially local Governmental offices. Winning a position in Government is the secondary goal. The primary goal is to run to wake people up.

Let's say that people woke up so that only 1% of eligible voters voted. Can Government be seated on only 1%? Would we even know it if it happened that way? Or is the election fraud so great that we would still see a vast number of people voting? What would the media show us?

The point is, if we want to effect changes, how do we do it? Freedom's Phoenix - and others like her - are making a start. Anyone with some good ideas should list them.

Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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We should all be getting tired of the constant flow of reported malfeasants in the judicary and their "clackies".  Cop are the lackies of the Judiciary and there appears to be a, I'll protect you back if you protect my back collusion between law enforcment, procecutors and Judges. But no, many of us are spending/wasting our time trying to get our favorite candidates elected, often times support the lesser of two evils instead of attacking the source of the problem. What is the old saying, When the Citizens fear the government you have tyranny and when the Governments fears the Citizens, you have liberty. You're not going to obtain liberty going into a voters booth.  Come on, the Republicans would rather have Obama reelected then see Ron Paul or Gary Johnson elected.      

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