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The Final Battle Begins

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This is supposed to be the land of the "free" and home of the "brave" so how many of you are willing to step forward and be one of God's info-warriors and bravely spread the truth? The PTB is on the ropes.. they are scared and the more of us that speak truth to power the faster we can put them on the canvas. I can die soon and alone or I can live to a ripe old age helping to educate the next generation so that this doesn't happen again - thanks to the internet. That choice I leave to you. You can save my life by standing with me and telling the PTB that for every one of us they kill - a dozen more will rise up against them. This CNBC Exec needs to hear from us right now because he did a very brave thing posting that news. Please send your messages of support at the following link:

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Comment by Ed Price
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Don't you love those Italians in New Jersey ?
Calandra's bakery?
Is freedom of speech great or what?
It is outside a famous bakery in Newark ...(New Jersey )
I never saw so much hate for an American president.
It was never this bad for G.W. Bush, or any other president.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

I stepped forward. Yes, I did. But before I stepped forward, I stood up. When I stepped forward, I ran smack dab into the wall. It knocked me flat on my back.

I guess I need some marching instructions. I mean, if standing up and taking one step forward knocks me down, I better get some marching instructions somewhere.

Comment by Ed Price
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"PTB" from

******    PTB    Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany)   
*****    PTB    Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro (Portuguese: Brazilian Labor Party)   
*****    PTB    Powers That Be   
****    PTB    Phosphotyrosine-Binding   
****    PTB    Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Protein   
****    PTB    Portland Trail Blazers   
****    PTB    Place to Be   
***    PTB    Passenger Terminal Building (aviation)   
***    PTB    Penn Treebank   
***    PTB    Patellar Tendon Bearing   
***    PTB    Portuguese Brazilian (language)   
***    PTB    Pass The Buck   
***    PTB    Petersburg, Virginia (airport code)   
***    PTB    Position Task Book (wildfire qualification system for firefighters)   
***    PTB    Part Time Basis   
***    PTB    Photonics Tech Briefs (magazine)   
***    PTB    Physical Trade Balance   
***    PTB    Ptahhotep's Team Balancer (Counter-Strike)   
***    PTB    Please Text Back   
***    PTB    Partial Test Ban (nuclear weapons)   
***    PTB    Psychophysics Toolbox (vision reserach software)   
***    PTB    Proto-Tibeto-Burman (languages)   
**    PTB    Pounds Per Thousand Barrels   
**    PTB    Passenger Transportation Board (Canada)   
**    PTB    P-Town Ballers (band)   
**    PTB    Paid to Blog (online income program)   
**    PTB    Pimp This Bum (homelessness prevention)   
**    PTB    Puro Tango Blast (Texas street/prison gang)   
**    PTB    Portadown True Blues   
**    PTB    Peer Transaction Bus   
**    PTB    Personal Touch Banking   
**    PTB    Pakistan Technology Board (Ministry of Science and Technology; Pakistan)   
**    PtB    Paul the Bankie (Scottish football fan)   
**    PTB    Program Time Base   
**    PTB    Protective Technology Branch   
**    PTB    Power Turbine Balance   
**    PTB    Patrol Torpedo Boat   
*    PTB    Paul Thorn Band   
*    PTB    Project Team Builder (Project Management Institute; software)   
*    PTB    Primetime Ballers (Youth Basketball)   
*    PTB    Professional, Technical Business (UK)   
*    PTB    Pillsbury Throw Boys (basketball team; est. 2010)   
*    PTB    Plain-Toe Blucher (shoes)   
*    PTB    Phillips Taylor Brown (UK)   
*    PTB    Phineas Taylor Barnum (circus founder)   
*    PTB    Power Tab (computer program format)   
*    PTB    Paul Thomas Band   
*    PTB    Proclamation to Blue (band)   
*    PTB    Pre-Term Birth   
*    PTB    Prevent the Bite (dog bite prevention program)   
*    PTB    Pulmonary Tuberculosis   
*    PTB    Push the Button   
*    PTB    Push to Break (electronic switch type)

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