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FEMA shelters in northeast resemble police state prison camps

•, by: J. D. Heyes
For many, the despair has grown into an intense anger, as tent cities set up by the Federal Emergency Management Agency begin to resemble prison camps. Moreover, the aftermath of Sandy is a story the mainstream media is largely ignoring, unlike Hurricane Katrina. (

Stressed residents who spoke to the Asbury Park Press talked bitterly about the cold, harsh conditions in tent cities with Blackhawk helicopters buzzing overhead.

"Sitting there last night you could see your breath," Brian Sotelo, a Seaside Heights resident who was at Pine Belt Arena in Toms River with his wife and three kids a half-hour before the shelter opened as superstorm Sandy approached last week, told the small press. "At (Pine Belt) the Red Cross made an announcement that they were sending us to permanent structures up here that had just been redone, that had washing machines and hot showers and steady electric, and they sent us to tent city. We got (expletive)."

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Or!!! do the same thing that got the so called "Home of the Brave" in the shape it`s in now.That being "NOTHING" .How has doing NOTHING worked for ya?  No too good.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Those FEMA people must be exposed to their families,friends,and neighborhoods.Everyone should know who these people are.Take off the Mask..get their names...and shout them out loud to all.Put names on posters asking if their families really know what their father,or,mother are really doing for America,and the freedom of their own families..who are these people? Tell everyone who they are,out loud. Put their names on boards,and flash them towards the MSM cameras,and at the same time ask the 'MSM" how they can come to work each day knowing that most Americans hate them,and are disgusted by them,and know who they work for,and will not forget.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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It's the FEMA Motel.  It is always described so nice.  You can check in, but you can't check out.

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