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On Closest Planet to the Sun, NASA Finds Lots of Ice

• New York Times
 Mercury is as cold as ice.

Indeed, Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, possesses a lot of ice — 100 billion to one trillion tons — scientists working with NASA’s Messenger spacecraft reported on Thursday. 

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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PLEASE BEAR WITH ME IN THIS. From the article, "The ice is almost pure water, which indicates that it arrived within the last few tens of millions of years, possibly from a comet that smacked into Mercury."

There is a GREAT PROBLEM with this idea... that the water arrived on Mercury "within the last few tens of million years... ." That problem is, the sun would have been much larger 10 million years ago. In fact, the sun would have been so large 10 million years ago that it's size would have virtually breached the orbit of Mercury. Mercury would have been a liquid droplet inside the sun. And 20 million years ago, the sun's size would have breached the earth's orbit. How can this be?

Measurements taken of the size of the sun show that, as the sun "burns" hydrogen into helium, and radiates energy into space, it shrinks about a tenth of a percent of its size in a hundred years. This means that the sun must have been much larger a mere 100,000 years ago. And it was tremendously larger 100,000,000 years ago.


So you see? The whole idea of where Mercury got its water, and hosts of other questions about the formation of the solar system, are all just a bunch of guesswork. It's all based on the idea that things have always been almost the way they are now. But nobody knows, and few take into account ALL the ideas that could affect calculating this stuff.

For example,

shows that the sun must have been a whole lot cooler back millions and billions of years ago, because of the way that helium formation in fusion reactions works.

It's all guess-work. It is one of the the biggest chunks of science fiction wool pulled over the eyes of the people. And since it is being touted as virtual truth, it falls into the realm of politics.

All this old-universe stuff is a method that the world is using to get people to think that the laws of the Bible don't apply, because the apparent age of the universe doesn't come close to matching what the Bible says. And when the laws are not followed, Government has the excuse to do whatever it wants to do to enforce its own laws.

All this old-universe stuff is being used by world leaders to take away your freedoms and make you slaves of their ideas so that you do their bidding.

Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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