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Black boxes in cars raise privacy concerns

• FOX News

Many motorists don't know it, but it's likely that every time they get behind the wheel, there's a snitch along for the ride.

In the next few days, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected to propose long-delayed regulations requiring auto manufacturers to include event data recorders - better known as "black boxes" - in all new cars and light trucks. But the agency is behind the curve. Automakers have been quietly tucking the devices, which automatically record the actions of drivers and the responses of their vehicles in a continuous information loop, into most new cars for years.

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Comment by Margo Bald (11740)
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In the Snitch Culture in which we find ourselves, these days, this kind of thing is no surprise.  The individual is considered a stupid animal that has to be monitored 24/7, lest he/she do something of which the gov. does not approve. 

Insurance companies will pile on this like flies on a dung pile, to use any and all information gleaned to justify a rate increase, or an opportunity to dump a policy holder which they think has become a hassle and not worth keeping.

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